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Our Pastor

Eric E. Dickey, born May 7, 1966 and reared in the home of his maternal grandparents, the late Rev. A.A. & Mary Louise Dickey. His parents are the Mr. Tommy G. McDonald and the late Ms. Beverly Joyce Dickey. He attended the Biloxi Public Schools system, graduating from Biloxi Senior High School, 1984. Upon graduating from high school, he attended William Carey College where he earned and received a B.S.B in 1989. 

Eric E. Dickey

Pastor of the First Missionary Baptist Church



First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi celebrates its 178th Anniversary – March 2024

Our Church

Reminiscence is pleasurable, educational and instrumental in our growth as a people, on this true Christian journey. It is also important when one can reminisce and realize the growth and progress that has been accomplished. Over 146 years, the family of First Missionary Baptist have moved from a house on Aunt Nan’s Alley to a state of the art edifice on Esters Blvd (formerly Railroad Street).

For those who are not familiar with the Church’s history…in 1846, the first Colored Baptist Church was born. This was a giant step forward for the Christians of Biloxi. The first records that were written were destroyed in fire. The Church history could not be destroyed because it is wrapped up in the word of God and preserved in the hearts of pioneers whose souls were set on fire when they heard their fore-fathers tell the story of Christ, mingled with the beautiful beginnings of laborers of this spiritual institution.

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FMBC Missions

First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi Missions Ministry consist of members of our church who teach the congregation about the work of God and how the church takes care of His people in the community or the world. Mission work is not easy work and members who commit to this work are there to ensure this work is done to edify the Church as a whole.   

FMBC Missions Ministry spotlights how the church shares the gospel through giving, sharing, loving, helping, and teaching others about God. The mission’s ministry creates, plans, and establishes systems that will share the word of God. Based on the Church’s overall vision this allows the ministry to take the church’s missional focus and reveal how they can help fulfill it.  The Mission’s Ministry communicates information or news to the congregation on all projects, what the mission’s ministry is doing towards completion but most importantly how they can involve the Church.  

Please check back often for FMBC Missions projects and how you can help in the in the near future! 

Please send all inquiries to [email protected]. 

God is Love