Connecting with First Missionary Baptist Church

Watch us live Sunday’s through the web at Facebook, Roku and Apple TV (must have established accts).

Change of Personal Information for Members

If you are a member of First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi Member please click here and fill the member information form out. This assist us in keeping accurate, up to date information on all of our members.

Church Bulletin



by Lupie Riley   9/27/2021 / Christian Living Freelance writer Lupie Riley Thought:  What does it mean to be an encourager?  Webster translates it as to inspire with courage or hope. 

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What Bible do I Bring?

Our church exclusively uses the King James Version of the Bible. This is intentional. One of the main benefits of this is that everyone can still bring a Bible to church and be on the same page as everyone else! iPhone and Android Bible apps all include the King James Version, so you can easily follow along (for free).