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Reverend Jessie Bilbrew

Deacons Ministry

What Deacons Do

First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi Deacon Ministry assist the Pastor in devotional and administrative responsibilities of the Church.  According to ACTS chapter six (6), Deacons are to help clear the Pastor from undertakings that do not require special training, allowing pastoral time for more direct responsibilities that only Pastors can do.   

Duties and responsibilities of the Ministry of Deacons can include:

*To assist the Pastor and other staff of the church in spiritual guidance for church family and the local community. 

*To be available to teach and pray when needed. 

*Deacons are to be present and available to participate in all worship services, funerals, special event services, weekly prayer meetings, weekly Deacon meetings, Church Business meetings, bible studies and Sunday School studies 

*To prepare and serve the ordinance of Holy Communion. 

*To assist in the ordinance of Baptism ceremonies. 

*To communicate with and visit members and families of the church on a regular basis. 

*To assist with the coordination of welcoming, orientation, and follow-up for new members. 

*To ensure that the pulpit is kept in an orderly manner with appropriate beverages for Pastor and ministers and other spiritual guests. 

*To assist with the emergency needs of Church members and families. 

*To provide guidance and assistance for ministries for which we are responsible and to give guidance if there are issues within the ministry. 

*To perform any and all other duties as appropriate to ensure the discipleship, spiritual guidance, and flow of operation of the church and its members. 

The Ministry of Deacons & Deaconesses must always be ready to serve members at any given time through observation and monitoring of the church regularly. 


A Deacon is a person who serves in servant-leader ministry within the church. Many churches have deacons, as well as other similar positions, such as an Elder. When a deacon is chosen to serve, completed all training which can last a year or longer, the church holds an ordination ceremony service for all deacons who have completed and passed the training. Ordination services includes the charge to the deacons being ordained in which a member of the church, who is usually a leader in the deacon ministry, offers a brief speech about the responsibilities and duties of deaconship. 

Upcoming Deacon Ordination Service

FMBC has no Ordination services scheduled

No Deacons in Training at this Time!

Sister Sherwin Taylor

FMBC Church Secretary

Sister Sherwin Dianne Moore-Taylor was born January 31, 1951, Hattiesburg, MS, from the very proud parents, James and Julia Moore and her five siblings. Moving to Biloxi, MS, September of 1956, the family united with the First Missionary Baptist Church, during the leadership of the late Pastor C.M. Holloway. The family participated in various youth ministries. Sherwin served in her most passionate ministry as the Youth Ministry Clerk (1965), under the guidance of the late Mrs. Corrine Williams. Sister Taylor graduated from M.F. Nichols High School, Class Salutatorian 1968, and Jackson State University Cum Laude graduate, 1972 with a B.S. in English education. She began her career as an English teacher, Okolona Jr-Sr., High School, 1972. Moving to Biloxi, Ms, 1975, Sister Taylor continued to teach English at Moss Point High School, retiring in May 2000. Sister Taylor has two children, Jessica and Julian and two grandchildren. Sister Taylor was elected to serve as FMBC Church clerk in October 1988 and continues to serve in this position experiencing the blessing and joy of serving the Pastor and the FMBC family.