New Members

New Members Introduction

Looking for and finding the right church can be overwhelming for many. There are numerous reasons why people seek a new church and no matter the reason it can be a task that is stressful.  Pastor Dickey is so happy that you have chosen First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi as your new church home. We know that your decision where you spend your time in worship and fellowship is not a decision that is taken lightly. We hope that you will create lasting memories and relationships. Here at First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi we hope that you grow deeper in your faith and we want to share and celebrate with you all of your accomplishments in your career and personal life. We will also be by your side through trials in your life. 

Again, Welcome to First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi, and we pray that you will become a well – connected, spiritually discerning, generous giving member of God’s great community of believers!