Julia Moore Christian Women’s Ministry

Bible Verse

1 Corinthians 11:12

For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God.



Ministry Leader: Sister Pinkey E. Lewis

It was on a Saturday afternoon between 3:00pm and 4:00pm when the late Sis. Alice Lockhart embarked on an inspired vision. She scheduled a meeting with several young adult women of the church. At this meeting Sis. Lockhart shred her vision with these young women. They were told that they were selected to participate in a Junior Missionary Group. These young ladies were not yet in the age group of the J.M.A.’s. After hearing this vision, the young women expressed an interest in this new organization, and this was the beginning of a new group called the Young Women’s Society.

The first year, of course, was the planning stages of the group. The young women met occasionally throughout that year. It was soon agreed by the members that Thursday nights would be a more convenient time to meet rather than Saturday afternoon. So the meetings were changed to the 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays of the
month at 7:00pm. The 1 st Thursday would be our business meeting and the 3 rd Thursday would be the discussion of the bible lesson.

It was not until the 1 st Sunday in March of 1978 that we were installed as an official auxiliary of the First Missionary Baptist Church of Biloxi, Mississippi. Our former, Rev. O.D. Gilmer, installed this new auxiliary of the church as the Young
Women’s Society during the 10:45am morning worship service.

Along with Sister Lockhart, the founder, there were others who worked with these young ladies. The late Sister Julia Moore served as the instructor for the auxiliary, Sister Mary Jo reed was the matron, Sister Doris Busch and Sister Inez
Peters were the counselors. Officers of the group were selected, aqua blue and white were chosen colors for this new auxiliary.

A former member, Sister Geraldine Johnson, suggested that one of our meetings each month be held in the home of a member. All members readily accepted the idea, and the third Thursday was chosen as our home meeting. Because of this setting, usually we would not only be spiritually fed with the discussion of our Bible lesson but physically fed as well with such yummy treats provided by the hostess. Other business concerns and plans were made during this official year of the auxiliary.

Once the group was installed, the Young Women’s Society began to move forward with the help of the Lord. The group began to focus on various projects for the church and services for mankind. Across the years, these projects have included: the purchasing of the first copy machine for the church office; furnishing and decorating the conference room; purchasing tablecloths and curtains for the fellowship hall; providing care packages; fruit and flowers for nursing homes, chaperoning youth to the mall for Halloween treats, providing scholarships for high school graduates, collecting back to school supplies and distributing them to various elementary schools in the city and just recently sponsoring a back to school picnic for the youth.

For the success of these projects, we truly say to God Be The Glory For The Things He Has Done!

When the 10 th year anniversary was celebrated the first in March 1998, the name of the auxiliary had been changed from the Young Women’s Society to the Julia Moore Christian women’s Society in memory of the late Sister Julia Moore, the first instructor of the auxiliary. Only the name change, but the purpose and philosophy of the group remained the same, that is, serving God through your

May of the original members of the group are no longer with us, but we are blessed to still have our original counselor, Sister Peters and Sister Busch. We praise the Lord for them!

The Lord has continuously blessed us with new members throughout these twenty years. Just this year we were blessed to have sister Rosie Dixon as one of our advisors.