by Lupie Riley   9/27/2021 / Christian Living Freelance writer Lupie Riley Thought:  What does it mean to be an encourager?  Webster translates it as to inspire with courage or hope.  […]

Ten Ways to Make Your House a Home

Our home is such an important part of our family’s life. Whether we work outside the home or are able to be at home, there are some basic things we […]

Missed Opportunities

The other day I ran across the story of a man who had a great opportunity that he missed. His friend took him for a ride one day way out […]

The Blessing of A Storm

How different are summer storms from winter ones! In winter they rush over the earth with their violence; and if any poor remnants of foliage or flowers have lingered behind, […]

Separating the Sinner from the Sin

The most difficult part of being a Christian may very well be learning to forgive those who have sinned against us. Especially painful is when we are hurt by someone […]